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Transportation Santiago from/to Viña del Mar/Valparaíso from US$70 per person (based in 2 pers.)











How long are valid your quotations ?
They are valid until midnight (GMT) of the 5th day from the date when the mail was sent. We apply this policy due to the continuous and important changes in rates, prices of oil and rate of exchange.

Why payment in advance is required ?
In this way it is possible to program the service in a better way, saving time and cost, and obtaining lower fares. It is similar to an airline. We need to have also back-up services ready, in case of any unconvenience. In the case of Chile, all the services are prepaid, with the exception of shared between airport and hotels.

What it is your refund policy ?
The reference it is the date and time of the beginning of the service.In case of private services in Chile the refunds policy (less banking and credit card costs) are as follows:
- 21 days or more in advance: 100% refund
- 7 days up to 20 days in advance: 50% refund
- 49 hours up to 6 días in advance: 25% refund
- 25 hours up to 48 hours in advance: 10% refund.
- 24 hours or less in advance: No refund.
In case of the conditions specified in the reply mail from us and later confirmed the service, will prevail the conditions detailed in it and not those previously detailed. To get the refund you must to call by phone (later please confirm in writing) or mail your request to cancel the service; it is not necessary to express any reason at all.
Please ask for the refund policies in case of shared service.

From outside of Chile call the cell phone +56 (9) 8764-0545 or landline +56 (32) 249-7908. If you are already in Chile, call (32) 249-7908, cell 8764-0545 (if calling from landline add 09 in front of the number). From Valparaiso call 249-7908, cell 8764-0545 (if calling from landline add 09 in front of the number).

What can I do if my flight to Chile it is some hours late ?
You should let us to know inmediately, from the airport, telling us the number (including airline code) of your delayed flight and the expected arrival time of your definitive flight. Depending of the particular case, is possible that no surcharge will be applied. Please remember that in many cases go to the airport to wait for a passenger means to reserve, prepare and move a vehicle and driver with at least 4 hours in advance.
For your peace of mind, before leave to the airport we always confirm if a flight is delayed in, as a way to save unnecessary costs.

Santiago de Chile Airport

Cuánto es el tiempo de espera sin recargo ?
In case of shared service (Santiago - Valparaiso/Viña del Mar), the maximum are 40 min., then the vehicle leave the airport. If you need a longer waiting time, the service must to be private.
In case of private service: 1 hour free. Additional hour costs $4.500 chilean pesos (US$8). In some cases (mainly services in the city of Santiago de Chile) the additional hour have no extra cost, please ask before contract the service.

Where will I meet the driver at the Airport ?
In the services outside of Santiago, usually the driver will wait for yours with a sign with your family name in the exit door closer to downtown Santiago (mountains). In our confirmation mail we will always include detailed information and photographs of the Meeting Point. If you do not find the driver, please call to our emergency numbers.

Meeting Point International Arrivals

Valparaiso Cruise Terminal

Terminal de Cruceros de Valparaíso

How long takes the trip between the Airport of Santiago and the Port of Valparaiso ?
Usually between 80 and 90 minutes.

It is possible to visit wineries on the route between Santiago and Valparaiso ?
Yes, is possible for a small additional cost. You should quote the service in advance, because advance reservations at the wineries are compulsory.

Should I pay extra if takes more time to leave the Cruise Terminal ?
Not. We will be waiting for yours until you meet us. Normally passengers leave the terminal between 08:00 and 10:00 AM, but in some cases can be even up to 12:00 AM.

Where will I meet the driver in the Cruise Terminal ?
Together with the confirmation of the reservation will will send detailed information and photos about the Meeting Point. If you do not meet the drive in your exit door, probably he will be waiting for yours in a different door (sometimes there is opened 3 instead of 1); please call to our cell phone number and in minutes the driver will be with you.

It is true that vehicles must to pay US$8 to entrance or park at the Terminal ?
Yes. The fee of US$8 allows a maximum parking time of 4 hours, after that period the same fee must to be payed another time.

It is the terminal safe ?
Yes, absolutely. Security it is provided by the Chilean Navy and uniformed and plain clothes police. We do not know of any crime commited in the Cruise Terminal.

Can I use the saherd service to Valparaiso to go to the Cruise terminal ?
Not, it is not possible. Going in or leaving the Cruise Terminal have addititional costs and waiting times that would cause inconviniences to other passengers.

Where can I find more information about the Port of Valparaiso and the Cruise Terminal ?
We recommend the site

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+1 (801) 649-5610
Tel. +56 (32) 249-7908, Cel. +56 (9) 8764-0545
Desde/from Chile
(32) 249-7908, celular (09) 8764-0545